Front-End Developer

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Front-End Developer

At Level30Wizards we're looking for a Front-End Developer to join our tech team.



  • have (some) experience at a digital agency
  • have experience with React (Hooks)
  • are proficient with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • are interested in motion, animation and design
  • have experience with Git
  • understand why accessibility and performance are high priority
  • like to have a laugh and aren't too serious all the time
If junior position:
  • you have a big appetite to learn and improve your front-end skills

If medior position:

  • you know how to tackle issues, know what it means to deliver a performant and high-quality website, and can communicate about expectations to project managers and clients
You want to learn:
  • advanced React, TypeScript and NextJS principles with ChakraUI
  • motion and Animation with GSAP, Framer Motion and CSS

  • three.js and React Three Fiber

  • design, creative thinking and 3D principles

    Where the magic happens

    We help marketing teams, brands and agencies ideate and build magical web experiences that turn customers, into fans.

    We always go the extra mile for our customers and communicate openly about what we do.

    We try to have fun when thinking of campaigns for clients, while trying new things and during day to day work. The creative industry can be mentally taxing so we encourage well-being above productivity.

    Our team consists of multiple experts under 30, we want to grow to a model where we have multiple teams working on fun, innovative and magical projects.

    And finally, we want to do good in the world and stay at the forefront of technology.

    What we offer

    • An inclusive, supportive and open workplace
    • A magical job where you can learn, try and fail
    • A monthly Creative Day where you can experiment with new technologies you choose
    • Fun activities and a yearly trip

    Become a wizard

    Get creative in a magical workplace where we work hard, have fun and learn more.